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    Transportation Director

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    Driver Trainer


    Hardin-Jefferson ISD provides, free of charge, transportation between home and school to all eligible students enrolled in the district.

    The district fleet consists of 23 -72-passenger school buses, 5 -77 passenger school buses, 5 47-passenger (or smaller) school buses, and 1-van type school buses. These buses travel more than 1,300 miles daily on 20 routes to transport more than 1100 students to and from school. The buses are part of a well-organized, safety-oriented transportation system, with each bus inspected and repaired regularly.

    The school bus driver is sometimes referred to as the "silent teacher." Because of the precious cargo transported by these drivers, great care is given to their qualifications, certification, training, and operational requirements. Drivers must pass an annual physical and mental exam as prescribed by the Texas Department of Public Safety, a pre-employment drug and alcohol test, criminal background check, and an annual driver's license record check. Drivers are also subject to random alcohol and drug screenings throughout their employment.

    The department staff of 30 employees is comprised of the following:

    Trainer 1
    Drivers 22
    Aides 9
    Shop Personnel 2
    Office Personnel 1
    Administrator 1


    School bus transportation is a privilege offered by the district free of charge to students who live two miles or more from his/her zoned campus as measured by the nearest commonly traveled public road.

    This privilege is conditional upon the student observing safe and appropriate behavior while waiting for the bus, riding the bus, and departing the bus.

    Parent / Guardian Responsibilities

    • Ensure that your child is aware of, cooperates in, and obeys the bus safety rules as well as the driver's instructions.
    • Ensure that your child rides the appropriate bus.
    • Ensure that your child demonstrates safe and appropriate behavior at the bus stop.
    • Notify the Transportation Department and your child's school of any changes to your child's transportation arrangements.

    Bus Safety Rules

    School bus transportation is a privilege offered by Hardin-Jefferson ISD to all students who are eligible for this service.

    The school district staff and bus drivers share your concern about the safety of your child. You can assist in providing a safe bus ride by reviewing the following information with your child.

    Meeting the Bus

    • Students must be on time and visible at the bus stop. Students need to be at their bus stop five to seven minutes before the scheduled pick-up time. A flashlight, or cell phone light is recommended so the bus driver sees your child in the dark. This also allows other drivers to see your child.
    • Students must not stand on the traveled portion of the roadway
    • Students must not approach a moving bus until it stops and the driver signals the student to approach. Once the driver has signaled, the student may walk toward the bus to board.
    • Once on the bus, students must go directly to their seats and be seated properly so the bus may continue the route.

    Rules on the Bus

    • Observe the same conduct level as is expected in the classroom.
    • Students are to remain in dress code on the bus.
    • Profanity and obscene gestures are not allowed.
    • Do not eat or drink on the bus (except for water in a clear plastic container during hot weather.)
    • Do not litter or damage the bus in any way.
    • Assigned seats are mandatory.
    • All items prohibited in school are also prohibited on the bus.
    • Remain seated while the bus is moving with all body parts inside the windows.
    • Fighting, horseplay, and throwing objects is prohibited.
    • No live/dead animals or flammable materials are allowed.
    • Large, bulky items that cannot fit under the seat or in the lap of the student are not allowed on the bus. Arrangements must be made for the parent to transport these items.
    • No skateboards, balls, rollerblades, or balloons may be brought on the bus.
    • Use earbuds to listen to music. 
    • Do not use electronic devices as a distraction. 
    • Do not spray anything on the bus. This includes perfumes, body sprays, and colognes.

    Departing the Bus

    • When getting off of the bus, students should move quickly but safely away from the unloading area.
    • The emergency door at the rear of the bus is to be used in emergency situations only. It is not to be used for boarding or departing the bus.
    • Students are allowed to board and depart the bus at designated stops ONLY!!

    Consequences for Rule Violations

    When a student fails to observe the bus safety rules, the bus driver will complete a bus safety report which will be sent to the appropriate School Administrator. The School Administrator will then conference with the student and assign disciplinary action based upon the incident.

    1st Report Letter or call sent to Parent (By Transportation Department)
    2nd Report Student may be removed from transportation for up to three (3) days
    3rd Report Student may be removed from transportation for ten (10) days
    4th Report Student may be removed from transportation for a length of time up to the remainder
    of the semester
    5th Report Student may be removed from transportation for the remainder of the school year.

    Severe Clause If a bus safety incident is deemed severe enough, the progressive discipline steps may be bypassed and the student may be removed from transportation for a length of time as deemed appropriate by the school administrator.

    Any student that loses bus riding privileges is still required to attend school.

    Bus Stops

    • In most neighborhood areas, bus stops are located at street corners, however; stops are adjusted in some areas due to traffic patterns or other situations which may pose a safety hazard.
    • Where possible, bus stops are located such that students should walk no more than ½ mile to the nearest bus stop.
    • If no student is present at a bus stop for two (2) continuous weeks, the bus stop will be discontinued without notice to the parents. Parents must contact the Transportation Department to resume service to that bus stop.

    Route Changes

    • When a route change is necessary that will affect pick-up/drop-off times and/or bus number, notification will be made in the form of notes handed out to the students two afternoons prior to the effective date of the change.
  • Bus Remind Codes